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New Training Dates
The Spiral of Healing
Beginning in April, 2016

Spiral of Healing by Meagan Pugh
Apr 11, May 9, June 13, July 11, Aug 8, Sept 12, Oct 10-11, Nov 14
Support your journey towards wholeness and aliveness in a creative and playful exploration of your body, mind and spirit.
Find support for transitions and healing in community and sacred space.
Use the principles and processes from the book and companion CD: The Spiral of Healing: A Journey through the Chakras to Awaken Creativity and Body Wisdom

Partial scholarships, work exchanges and payment plans available
Pay in full to receive 10% discount
Refer someone and receive 10% discount

For more information contact Meagan at 707-823-1131
or email:

New Group Beginning in January, 2015

Exploring Your Inner Cast of Characters
A Journey of Self-Awareness Using Creativity and Body WisdomExploring Your Inner Cast of Characters - Meagan Pugh
With Gordon and Meagan Pugh
Learn how to bring compassion and healing to yourself
Transform judgment into curiosity and caring.
Move from self-loathing to self-love and Self-Leadership

6 Sessions in Sebastopol
9:30 – 3:00

Jan 24, Feb 21, Mar 21, Apr 18, May 16, June 20

$550 if paid in full  ($95 per session)
Call to reserve a space: 707-823-1131

Meagan is an Expressive Arts Therapist, Transpersonal Counselor, and Somatic Experiencing Practitioner who brings the Internal Family Systems model into her work with individuals, couples and groups in Sebastopol.

Gordon is a facilitator of Men’s Groups, and an improvisational actor who incorporates the Internal Family Systems Model in working with individuals, groups and companies to bring creativity and playfulness into any environment.

This group is based on
The Internal Family Systems Approach by Richard Schwartz

All Parts are Welcome!

Young Women’s Somatic and Creative Arts Therapy GroupYoung Womens Somatic Art Therapy Group

Learn to use your imagination and body to meet the challenges of relationships, work, body issues, and empowerment.
We will hold sacred the idea that change is an opportunity and an initiation into a deeper connection with self and the Mystery of life.
Find sisterhood in a safe and sacred environment of women 20-35.

$360 for series
Pay in full and get a free session towards next series.
Invite someone to join group and receive 10% off series price.
Pay individual sessions at $65.
Limit to 6 women.
Call 707-823-1131 or email

Women’s Somatic Art Therapy Group
Womens Somatic Art Therapy Group

Find connection and safety in a sacred circle of women over 35.
Learn to use your imagination, creativity and body awareness.
We will hold sacred the idea that change is an opportunity and an initiation into a deeper connection with self and the Mystery of life.
This group is designed to support women who are healing from trauma or loss, in transition, or who have work, relationship or physical challenges.

Meets every other Wednesday
9:30 am – 12:00 noon.
Beginning September 12th
$360 for 6 sessions; pay in full and receive free session towards next series

Invite someone to join and receive $10% off series price
Pay individual sessions at $65.
Limit to 6 women
For more information call 707-823-1131 or email

Moving into Joy
Creative Approaches to Healing Trauma
Year Two of The Spiral of Healing

This transformation and restorative group is open to any of you who have completed the Spiral of Healing year. This is an opportunity to deepen your connection with your body and learn to use body awareness, creative art processes and trauma techniques to release old fixed sensations, movement patterns, feelings, thoughts and images that stop you from feeling joy and spaciousness. In the group you will be a part of a sacred and safe group and with the creative arts you will

1 .Learn about the physiology of the autonomic nervous system as the basis for healing the aftereffects of trauma such as isolation, disconnection, helplessness, constriction and hyper-vigilence.

2. Understand via direct experience of one’s own body messages, using creativity and guided visualization, how one connects to the sources and sensations of trauma and transforms them.

3. Understand the importance of resourcing and safety in the resolution of trauma.

4. Learn the technique of pendulation with somatics and art processes.

Special Rate – $600 discount for this group only!
$1800 (payable in 8 payments of $225.)
Some partial scholarship available
10% discount for payment in full

For more information
707 823-1131.



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